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Credit card holders struggle with the choice of trusting a company that is able to fulfill their credit needs while maintaining, or preferably improving, their credit score. MyIndigoCard is a prime example of a credit card that salvages a deteriorating credit score.

MyIndigoCard is an unsecured credit card that is one of the best available options for customers with a bad credit history. Regardless of your financial status, this credit card can help you build your credit score.

Not to mention, the credit company allows its cardholders to build credit without requiring a security deposit. However, there is an annual fee that the company charges depending on the creditworthiness of the applicants.

The credit card has a high APR that goes up to 24.90%. Moreover, the card offers a credit limit of $300. To build their credit score, cardholders need to maintain a lower credit utilization and ensure timely payments of their credit bills.

In addition, the credit company offers another significant benefit of prequalification. As a result of prequalification, there are greater chances of getting approval for the card without the potential danger of damaging the credit score by going through a credit check.

In this article, you will learn about the various methods of making payments to the MyIndigoCard credit company.

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Methods of Payment

The credit company offers cardholders various methods of making payments for their credit bills. These include:

  • Online
  • On call
  • Mail

These different modes of payment provide customers with the relief of choosing a payment method that suits their convenience best. It is unlike most credit companies to offer the three basic methods of payment.

MyIndigoCard Online Payments

To pay your credit bills online, you should visit the online portal of MyIndigoCard and log in to your account. Next, look for the tab that states “Bill Pay.” After locating the tab, you must add your bank details, including the account number and your bank’s routing number.

Then, specify the amount that you need to pay and the date you would like to make the payment. If you wish to ensure that the payment is credited on the same day of payment, then you should make the payment prior to 5 pm Pacific Time. Nevertheless, if your payments are made after 5 pm, they are credited on the next day.

MyIndigoCard Payment on Call

Cardholders also have the opportunity to make their credit bills through phone calls. The credit card holders can call MyIndigoCard’s customer service number, i.e., (866) 946-9545. On the call, the recorded voicemail asks the customers for their account detail, primarily the account number, before they are redirected to an agent on the call to proceed with payments.

MyIndigoCard Payments through Mail

Another feature of the MyIndigoCard is its facility for making payments through the mail. Cardholders who wish to mail the payments for their credit bills can use the following address:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Importance of On-time Payments

To maintain a good credit score and potentially improve it, cardholders must make timely payments of their credit bills. Payments that exceed the due date come under the category of late payments. As a repercussion, cardholders have to pay $40 on top of their credit bill in addition to a penalty APR.

Late payments can lead to a bad credit score. For people with a bad credit score, making payments after the due date can further damage their credit score and lead to further deterioration instead of building it.


MyIndigoCard is an unsecure card that many customers rely on to build back their credit scores. The card comes with various advantageous features for its customers. One of the features that stands out apart from its easy application process is the options it offers to customers to make payments for their credit bills.

Apart from online payment, cardholders can also make payments on call or through the mail. However, customers should be careful while mailing their payments and ensure they mail them at least seven days prior to the due date for them to get credited within the eligible time. It is essential to make the credit payments on time each month to ensure a good credit score and prevent it from being damaged as a result of late payments.

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