Indigo Credit Card Apps

The Indigo Credit Card is one of the unsecured cards that many people with bad credit scores rely on. Apart from its advantages like not having a security deposit, and having annual fees based on the creditworthiness of every applicant, the best feature is its ease of use.

Many people wonder if the Indigo Credit Card has an app for mobile devices. However, the answer is that it does not have an app for mobile devices as of yet. Instead, the credit card has an online portal that beats the need of an app.

From activation to bill payments, the online portal of Indigo offers it all! You can easily access your account online through your login credentials. In this article, you can find details about what Indigo’s online portal has to offer.


Features of Online Portal

Credit Balance Check

Cardholders can access their online Indigo accounts with ease and use this portal to check their account statement at any given time of the day.

Online Credit Payments

Customers can make their monthly credit bill payments through the online portal. The process is fairly simple. Cardholders can access their online account navigate to the “Bill Pay” tab and selecting the amount they want to pay. Furthermore, they need to specify the date they would like the payment to be made. The credit company processes the payment within one calendar day.

MyIndigoCard – How to Login to the Portal?

Once you get your MyIndigoCard, it is essential to set up your account on the online portal to access your account information 24/7 easily. Also, you can make online payments and even set up the auto-pay feature for convenience.

The online setup of the Indigo account is relatively easy and effortless given the user-friendly website. Not to mention, the website is also fairly secure because the MasterCard ID Theft Protection feature is in place.

Once you open the Indigo website, this is how you can log in to your account:

Input your MyIndigoCard Username and Password. This information is set by each cardholder at the time of registration. Hence, ensure you enter valid details as the wrong entry of either the username or password in 3 tries will lead to a 15 minutes block on your portal.


Despite the lack of a mobile app, Indigo has a fully functioning, user-friendly website to compensate. The MyIndigoCard has amazing features that enhance the experience of cardholders.

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