– My Indigo Card Login is a satisfactory option for individuals with a deteriorating or bad credit history. It does not matter if you are a student trying to recover from financial loss or if you want to build credit after bankruptcy. 

Moreover, Indigo Platinum MasterCard does not charge an account setting up fee, nor require a security deposit. It is issued by the Celtic Bank, of Utah, and it reports to all three major credit card bureaus. These benefits make this card one of the best viable options if you want to build credit.

MyIndigoCard – The Best Card for People with Imperfect Credit Scores

Nonetheless, the credit card charges an annual fee based on the applicant’s creditworthiness. It has a considerably higher APR of approximately 24.90% and a credit limit of $300.  Its low credit limit is also beneficial for the cardholder because it lowers the user’s credit utilization, and so, the credit utilization ratio decreases.

Another vital benefit related to this card is prequalification. Prequalification increases the chances of getting the application approved without going through a hard pull that could potentially damage the credit score.


What Does Indigo Platinum MasterCard Offer?

Cash Advance

Indigo Platinum MasterCard offers cash advances to its cardholders subjected to credit approval. Cardholders can use Indigo Platinum MasterCard for a cash advance at several financial institutions.

The cardholders are advised to read their Cardholder Agreement to gain more knowledge on the cash advance procedure. The second the cash advance is approved, the cardholder has to call and request a personal identification number (PIN) to be sent to their email address. The PIN allows the cardholder to access the cash at several ATMs securely.

Chip card

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard has a chip card. The chip card provides additional security to the cardholder and lowers the chances of fraud.

Fraud Protection

If a cardholder loses their card or is stolen, they are recommended to call 1-800-304-3096 as soon as possible. If the card is used without the cardholder’s permission, then Indigo Platinum MasterCard would not hold the cardholder responsible for the transactions.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

An Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online Account

Once approved and received their card, an Indigo® Platinum MasterCard® cardholder can create an account online. A cardholder can begin making their account by entering the username and password to log in to Indigo Platinum MasterCard’s secure website. Once the online account is created, the cardholder can easily manage their account and pay their bills.

Purpose of Portal

All the information about the MyIndigoCard, its prequalification process, requirements for approval, account registration, account checks, and other important details are available on the login portal.

When you click on this link, you will be redirected to This is the main webpage where you can find all the crucial details about your Indigo®Platinum Mastercard® without any problem.

Benefit of having My Indigo Card

This portal provides a safe platform for card-related inquiries and activities. It helps the cardholders to provide a safe and single place where they can handle all the information regarding this card. They can create a registered account through this portal too. And from this account, they can make their payments, schedule their payments, set up autopay, view their transaction details and history anytime they want and check their balance whenever they wish. portal has been helping people to rebuild their credit and attain financial stability. Through this portal, the user can easily gain access to all the benefits, and discount offers too.

Building Better Credit

A cardholder can build credit with this card if they can make their monthly payments on time. The history of payments accounts for 35% of the credit score, so the cardholder is advised to pay monthly in the given time. As time passes, if the cardholder always pays back on time, the credit score would be positive, which would be an assurance for other credit lines that the applicant can pay whatever they owe.

Credit utilization is another major factor that is necessary for trying to build positive credit. Credit utilization is the total sum of money borrowed by a cardholder compared with the amount that is available for the cardholder to borrow. It is ideal if the cardholder keeps their credit utilization below 30%; however, the lower the credit utilization is, the positive its effect is on the credit score.

Credit card holders can use credit-tracking tools such as Discover’s Credit Scorecard that keep an eye on the cardholder’s FICO score. When the cardholder can build a better credit score after paying back the company on time each month and has a low credit utilization, the cardholder may qualify for an increased credit limit and a better credit card.

No Impact on the Credit Score

During the application process, the applicant is subjected to a credit pull. The other brands often damage an enthusiast’s credit score by 10% when they dig deeper to check their credit history. The negative effect of this credit pull can be seen for up to two years. However, MyIndigoCard does not dig deeper. Instead, it does a soft credit pull that does not affect an individual’s credit score.

Easy Approval

This card is like a friend necessary in the hour of need. Individuals with a hopeless credit history, no credit history, and those suffering from bad credit are eligible to apply. The applications are received and then analyzed. In most cases, the applications are approved, and then the MasterCard is issued to the enthusiast. Once the enthusiasts get approval for the credit card, they are given a chance to improve their credit score and have a better credit history.

Benefits of MyIndigoCard Portal

The credit company offers a few benefits to its cardholders. The advantages make it a valuable choice if the cardholder has poor credit or if they suffer from a limited credit history. Credit card holders are advised to emphasize the convenient basic features they are given rather than the high reward rates such as travel insurance.

Lenient Credit Pull

When an enthusiast thinks about applying for a credit card, they must undergo a credit check process. The credit checking process has a 10% negative impact on the credit score lasting approximately two years. The individual with a poor credit score would then have to suffer and wait to qualify for a line of credit. However, the credit company offers a prequalification process where the individual has to go through a soft credit pull that does not negatively impact the credit, unlike the hard credit pull.

A Fast and Easy Application Process

A majority of credit cards feature a tiring and lengthy application process. Nonetheless, this unsecured credit card is a relatively easier card to get. The enthusiast has to provide basic information on the login portal, and the enthusiast can complete the application process within a minute. 

Individuals can apply if they are 18 or above (19 years old in Alabama) and possess a valid social security number, a US physical, and an IP address.

Build Your Credit

This card can help cardholders to build credit because it reports their monthly financial activities to three major credit bureaus. The three major credit bureaus are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. If the cardholder makes their payments on time, they will easily improve their credit. In addition, the card would also provide the cardholder with valuable rewards and other benefits.

Increased Chances of Approval

This card is introduced for those with lower-than-perfect credit. It has a higher approval rate making it easier and quicker for the individual to improve their credit.

Standard Credit Limit without Security Deposit

This is an unsecured MasterCard that does not expect an enthusiast to pay any security deposit during the application process. Therefore, an individual does not have to suffer any financial loss during the application process.

Low Foreign Transaction Fee

Credit card holders can enjoy a foreign transaction fee of as low as 1% when they travel abroad; this makes it easier for them to use their MasterCard abroad without worrying about a high transaction fee.

MasterCard ID Theft Protection

The credit company has a strict identity that monitors the Social Security Number, Credit Cards, Email Addresses, Username, and passwords for website logins, Bank accounts, and much more. Hence, the theft protection makes the Indigo MasterCard a safer and more reliable option where the cardholder does not have to worry about someone stealing their credit.

Zero Liability Protection

This card offers zero liability protection that gives the cardholder peace of mind since they would not be held responsible for any unauthorized transaction.

Involvement of Credit Bureaus

The credit card makes a monthly report of the cardholders and sends this to three major credit bureaus. The major credit bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The involvement of the credit bureaus keeps the cardholder in check. The credit bureaus closely analyze the financial activities of the cardholder and check over the payment history. If the cardholder has had a positive use overall and pays their dues on time, the credit bureaus help improve the credit score.

How to Activate MyIndigoCard

Activating the MyIndigoCard Online:

  • Firstly, the cardholder has to visit the login portal.
  • Then, the cardholder must register their account by tapping on “Register Your Account” below the login button.
  • Next, the cardholder has to enter their personal information, which includes the card number, email address, date of birth, and Social Security Number.
  • After that, the cardholder has to tap on “Register Now.”
  • Finally, once the cardholder is logged in, they are advised to open the menu by following the instructions provided on the “Activate Card” menu.

Activating the MyIndigoCard via Phone:

If a credit card holder is having difficulty in completing their online activation process, then they can make a call to activate their card.

The process is as follows:

  • Firstly, the cardholder has to dial 1-866-946-9545, which will activate the credit card.
  • Then, the credit company gives the cardholder a few options they have to choose from to activate their card.
  • Next, the cardholder must enter the number and wait for a few seconds before a customer executive is connected.
  • After that, the cardholder must speak with the customer executive and admit their issue. The executive would ask a few questions to gather information, providing him with the appropriate information.
  • Finally, when the cardholder provides the information, the customer executive will activate the Indigo MasterCard in a few moments.

How can you log in to the portal?

Credit card holders can follow a few simple instructions to log in to their registered accounts on the login portal through these simple steps:

  • First, visit the official login portal to access the logging-in link; the cardholder can do this on any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.)
  • Next, the cardholder must enter the login credentials that include the mandatory username and password.
  • Finally, the cardholder must tap on the “Log in” option to sign into their account on the portal.

The logging-in process is simple and is easier for every cardholder. After gaining access to the registered account, the cardholder is advised to learn the features and how to use them. In addition, it is recommended that the cardholder get familiar with the tools and systems of the account so that they can take advantage of the internet services offered.


This card may not offer a lot perks as the other cards. However, its basic offers are enough to make a cardholder’s life easier. People with bad credit often face rejection from most of the other lending companies for credit, but from most credit lines, MyIndigoCard solves this problem for all such people. Because once they apply for this credit card, they are easily approved.

This card also gives chance to such people to rebuild their credit as it reports to all three major credit bureaus. This is a great benefit that many other cards do not offer.

In addition, this card can potentially increase the credit limit. Initially, the credit limit offered by the card is $300. Still, if the cardholder successfully pays back within the given time, they can be deemed eligible for the increased credit limit. However, the time required to qualify for this is not known.

The chip and zero liability policy ease the minds of cardholder ensuring their security. If their credit card is stolen or lost, the cardholder will not be held for the transactions made from the credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does MyIndigoCard have an app?

A. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for mobile devices. If a cardholder wants to manage their account, cardholders can do this by logging in to the account on the portal online or by calling 1-866-946-9545.

Q. Is MyIndigoCard an actual credit card?

A. Yes! It is an appealing option for individuals with low credit and those with bad credit history. The credit card is issued by Celtic Bank, based in Utah, USA. It is available in different colors and designs that cardholders can change without a fee.

Q. Is Indigo Platinum MasterCard legit?

A. Of course! This Indigo Platinum MasterCard offers a monthly credit limit of $300 with an annual fee of $99. It is an unsecured credit card, which means it does not require any security deposit during the time of application. It is a safe credit card like the others issued on the major credit card networks.

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